Friday, April 6, 2012

The boy is three!

We spent this past week celebrating our wonderful, hyper, lively, curious, troublemaking, smart, adorable, and adored son. He turned three and I really can't believe it! He has single handedly changed my life and he brings us so much joy.
We started the celebration on his actual birthday, making birthday cupcakes that he got to decorate.

Then on the weekend we had tons of out of town guest (they were actually here for a church conference, but as far as he was concerned they were there for HIM). We did squeeze in a playdate though.

Then, after the guest headed home, we took Peyton and his BFF cousin to our local organic farm. Peyton is obsessed with all things farm culture so that was a definite win.
Then the big birthday party this week. Peyton's Gram and Poppy from va were there along with his aunt, uncle and cousin from new jersey. The brown cow party was a hit!
More pictures to follow of the actual party, I just couldn't resist sharing the pictures of the week leading up to the actual party!


  1. awww, we got a shout-out! ;) happy birthday, P!