Saturday, May 15, 2010


I've recently realized how many meanings there are to the word spinning.
#1) It used to mean turning around in place, you know, like a fun game to make you dizzy.
#2) Then I realized a new meaning. Spinning, as in spinning in place. Like you're not getting anywhere. You know the feeling, running all day and at the end of the day feeling like you didn't get anything done. To me, this is the most real form and true meaning of the word.
I guess that's because I'm the mom of a toddler..hahaha!
#3) Now, there's spinning, like the exercise. I went with a friend this week to "spinning class". I'm sure your all familiar with the idea of an exercise bike. A stationary bike that we did "jumps" and "climbs" and "sprints". All I can say is that my hiney hurt. bad. Those bike seats and those bones are not meant for each other.
Bless the hearts of those regular spinners who sacrifice their comfort for spinning class. But, I can understand, it WAS pretty fun. It was easier to talk to the other members of the class than other exercise classes I have been to before. I mean how can you carry on a conversation in step class or kick boxing as you're jumping around and spinning (in this case see the above description #1).
Anyway, here's to trying new things. And sorry there are no pictures, boring I know, but it's for your best interest :)

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