Wednesday, March 31, 2010

busy day

I had to work today...bummer after having 5 days off. I worked in the office on education stuff, which is my favorite thing to do. The down side is that I looked at a computer screen, reading about ACS and MI's all day long. Now all I see when I close my eyes is: Troponin I and Troponin T and other crazy cardiac mumbo jumbo.
When I got home I knew there was exercise in my future, and surprise, I actually did it. I'm starting a training program, so a 20 min run was it. Let me tell you it felt awesome! And I took my very own trainer, the amazing, athletic Tim with Peyton riding along :)
Dinner was taco's, my very favorite, so I felt jazzed enough to tackle one more spring cleaning project- THE PANTRY. Major disaster area. But the payoff was awesome and part of the pantry cleaning resulted in some related drawer cleaning so I checked two things off my list.
As I was completely running out of steam, Peyton was wreaking havoc. He was into EVERYTHING. Bad news was he found a small Reece's cup :( Double bummer since he's not supposed to eat peanut butter and he ate all that chocolate-at bedtime. So it's almost 9 right now, and we're listening to him cry. Cause guess what? He's not ready for bed.

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