Thursday, April 29, 2010

First Haircut :( and other firsts.

                                                            We did it, another first.
Peyton had his first hair cut today. And I'm pretty sad about it. Of course I took lots of pictures to put in the scrapbook even though I wasn't too stoked about seeing him grow up so fast.

We took him to Tim's barber. It was so cute

Unfortunately, we had to wait about 20 minutes before it was our turn. Peyton used his time wisely and got some practice at sitting nicely in the barber chair. Daddy showed him how.

He wasn't too sure about the guy at first. They had this "home-made" chair to put on the real one. It was perfect for him, it kept him from taking a flying leaper out of the chair. I guess these guys have had some experience with little fellas.
Daddy had to help him hold his head still and I was feeding him gummies the entire time to make sure he was appropriately distracted.
Now, I know he doesn't have much hair but what he did have was getting pretty long and crazy looking. If there's one thing we don't want it's a little guy with a little mullet.

He LOVED the vacuum that they used to get rid of the extra tiny hairs.

We also had experience this week with letting Peyton feed himself with a spoon. He really had fun with the yogurt.



  1. aww...I know I'm dreading Nataleigh's first hair cut....Peyton looked like he did great! Thanks for sharing....they are really nice will have a blast scrapbooking it too! Do you post your scrapbook pages when you are finished?

    Also have fun with your husbands graduation!

  2. Oh my goodness!! I know how you feel...I'm so reluctant about getting Eli and Jonah's hair cut. Its too symbolic of how big they're getting. But they are going to need one soon, like it or not. You saw them last week...they're gonna start to look a little crazy!

  3. What a sweetie. Love the last yogurt pic.

  4. Sometimes I do post my scrap pages when I'm done with them but, I'M SO BEHIND. And this makes me so sad :( But let me just tell you the haircut was so worth it, he's even cuter now (if you ask me :)